Comment fonctionne trackle

Le capteur de température trackle mesure la température centrale de ton corps pendant ton sommeil. Pour ce faire, le capteur de la taille d'un tampon est introduit par voie vaginale avant d'aller se coucher. Il mesure ta température corporelle centrale à intervalles réguliers et l'enregistre - il n'établit pas de liaison radio.


It's that simple

When you remove the sensor in the morning and place it in its box, it connects to the trackle system via your mobile phone and transmits the recorded data via Bluetooth. The data is sent to the server, which evaluates your data and sends it back to your smartphone. With your data cervical mucus, you can see the evaluation of your cycle in your trackle app.

You can start measuring right after your period. In the beginning, it is particularly important to wear the sensor every night if possible, in order to collect a lot of meaningful data. You don't need to wear trackle during your period, it is best to start measuring when your bleeding has stopped.

What is the point of measuring overnight?

This is the big difference with the spot measurement in the morning with a normal thermometer: It doesn't matter when you sleep, if you work in a shift, if you have small children, if you have been at a party for a long time: as long as you sleep 4 hours, trackle determines your temperature value.

You no longer need to take your temperature every day at the same time, and the value is not so easily distorted by your living conditions. This makes the decision to use the planning familial naturel much easier.

How does trackle evaluate data?

The trackle cycle computer works on the basis of the rules of the sympto-thermal method and evaluates your cycle.

The sympto-thermal method combines observation of body temperature and cervical mucus to evaluate the cycle.

trackle calculates your ovulation as soon as the increase in your core body temperature has taken place and your cervical mucus assessment is complete.

trackle detects your ovulation and tells you if you are currently fertile (green) or infertile (white).

Safety with trackle cycle computer

The sensor is battery powered and lasts two years. Then you send it back to us - and if you like the trackle, you order a new one.

trackle is a certified medical product subject to very strict quality criteria. The outer material of the sensor is medical silicone, the battery is approved for use in the body. trackle has been extensively reviewed and tested in external labs.

For us, data protection plays an important role - we do not ask you for more information than is absolutely necessary. The data is signed and transmitted in encrypted form as soon as it is collected.

Our customer support will be happy to answer all your questions. You can contact us by e-mail at

  • Quickly recognize fertile days

    The trackle application lets you know if you are fertile or not at the moment.

    On the home screen of the trackle app, you can see the current day's fertility status, ovulation predictions, and next period.

    The area colored in red corresponds to the period of your period. The green area indicates fertile days. And what's gray tells you the infertile period.

    At the beginning of cycle, these are forecasts that you see. As the cycle progresses, "readjustments" are made on a daily basis.

  • Follow and understand the cycle

    In the calendar, it's up to you: in addition to the automatically transmitted temperature values, you enter your other cycle observations here: cervical mucus, menstrual bleeding - and anything else that you think is noteworthy for your own bodily edge.

    In hindsight, you will certainly notice very different links: Always headaches around ovulation? Bad mood because of premenstrual syndrome? The hair is super well placed - it must be the first half of the cycle?

    Whoever follows understands !

  • Being able to decide for yourself

    We believe you have the right to understand what is happening in your body and when. Proven calculation methods, valid data collection, verified security - these are the ingredients from which trackle prepares your decision-making basis. And what do you do with it afterwards? Decide yourself!

  • Core body temperature

    The core body temperature increases by about 0.2°C as soon as ovulation has taken place. trackle recognizes that the increase has occurred when you have measured an elevated core body temperature for at least three consecutive days.

    Tip: Start taking your measurements every night right after your period until your ovulation could be determined.

  • Cervical mucus

    The cervical mucus evolves during the cycle: the closer ovulation approaches, the more extensible and transparent it becomes. Just before ovulation, the cervical mucus reaches its best quality, peak cervical mucus. When you ovulate, the cervical mucus becomes cloudy and lumpy again. For the assessment, trackle needs your peak of cervical mucus and then three days of poor quality cervical mucus.

    Advice : observe your cervical mucus every day. In the evening, you enter the best quality cervical mucus in the app!

  • Four weeks before your sensor reaches the end of its life, an orange battery symbol appears in the yellow tab of your trackle app. Next to it, you can see the minimum operating time of your sensor. In addition, you will find an individualized code with which you can redeem your trackle.

  • Seven days before your trackle reaches the end of its life, you'll see a red battery icon in your trackle app. Your sensor's end of life date is displayed. You will also find an individual code there that you can use to place a new order.

  • If a gray battery appears on the orange tab of your trackle app, it means your sensor's lifespan has expired. Additionally, you will find information on when your trackle life expired. Again, there is an individual code for you that you can use to pass a new order.