Contraceptive Computer: Frequently Asked Questions and Everything Important at a Glance

Many want to take the step towards hormone-free contraception, for some it is completely new territory. We from trace We therefore want to help you and take you by the hand: we will help you in your plan to use hormone-free contraception and we will answer all your questions about hormone-free contraception and above all hormone-free contraception with trackle. Because with our contraceptive computer you can safe, digital and hormone-free contraception. How safe is it to use trackle? Can i use trackle even if i have an irregular period? We have summarized these and many other questions here in our Contraceptive FAQ. Let's hope this sheds some light in the dark.


Can i use trackle for contraception?

trace is approved as a Class IIb medical device as a contraceptive. Not everyone can simply define themselves as contraceptives, which is why the strict European guidelines must be observed. Everything is controlled and constantly monitored by a notified body.

With the trackle, not even the pill has a hormonal effect cycle intervened, there is still a barrier function - as with condoms, for example.

Prevention is possible because the computer contraceptive trackle helps users to make the symptothermal method easier to use in everyday life and to learn about their body and cycle. With the symptothermal method, fertile and sterile days can be reliably distinguished from each other.

In other words, you know when you can get pregnant and when you can't. And you also know when to use an additional contraceptive and when not to.

How safe is it to use the trackle contraceptive computer?

the syntothermic method it has a so-called perfect use (no vaginal intercourse during the fertile period). Index of pearls from 0.4. For protected traffic, the Pearl Index is 0.6. Reliable application of the method, i.e. a sufficient amount of basal values and conscientious observation of the cervical mucus, is also important for this. trace adheres to the strict rules of the symptothermal method in determining fertile and sterile days. If an assessment is not possible, multiple days are marked as "fertile".

How can I prevent if trackle shows me "fertile"?

If you don't want to give up sex during your fertile days, but don't want to get pregnant, you need to use an additional method of contraception. Since many the natural family planning for contraception to be able to do without hormones, barrier methods such as condoms, diaphragms or FemCap ™ are particularly suitable. Before using these additional contraceptives, learn more about their use.

If I wear the trackle during sex, will it prevent me from getting pregnant?

the Sensor it does not represent a barrier and therefore cannot provide contraceptive protection by wearing it during intercourse. It is necessary to remove the sensor before sexual intercourse. The pause is recognized by trackle and cannot falsify the baseline value of the night. the computer contraceptive trackle you can use your cervical mucus and temperature to determine when you are fertile and when you are not. trackle shows you when you need additional contraception and when not.

Contraceptive computer instead of the pill: how do i stop taking the pill to be able to use trackle as a contraceptive?

When you stop taking the pill, the blister that started must be used up so that the withdrawal bleeding starts at the usual time. This can also be entered as the first menstruation in the app. Also ask your gynecologist for advice when stopping hormonal contraceptive methods. After weaning, individually it may take some time for ovulation to occur again. See also “Now I can prevent with tracklewhen will I stop taking the pill? "


When can i have unprotected sex safely?

Later in the stream cycle ovulation has been evaluated, the day of ovulation is marked yellow in the display and the fertile window is displayed in blue. These are always the four days before, the day of ovulation itself and the three days after ovulation. The egg can be fertilized for 18 hours after ovulation, so it has a much shorter time window than sperm. That is why only half of the third day is marked blue in the assessment: you can safely have unprotected sex again from the evening of the third day after ovulation.

Is Trackle also suitable for contraception with irregular cycles?

the syntothermic method - and therefore the trackle too - is based on observations of your physical symptoms. So trackle does not calculate based on statistics, but in each cycle again on the day of your ovulation. Therefore, trackle is also suitable for contraception in case of irregular cycles: The contraceptive computer trackle always protects himself at least twice before you are shown a sterile period. 

Forecasts are calculated based on previous cycles. It will get more and more accurate over time, but that's just a prediction. Before having unprotected sex, you should wait for the actual assessment of the current cycle.

Does the trackle need an adjustment phase?

No, you can start directly. The assessment is reliable from the first cycle, as trackle only calculates ovulation based on your body's signals. What computer contraceptive trackle For this, however, it takes a registered period to start a new one cycle report. You can enter your last period in the app or just wait until the next one. In the meantime, however, you can already measure to familiarize yourself with the routine.

Forecasts are calculated based on previous cycles. It will get more and more accurate over time, but that's just a prediction. Before having unprotected sex, you should wait for the actual assessment of the current cycle.

Does Trackle need any additional inputs other than temperature for contraception?

trace scores according to the rules of syntothermic method and therefore needs your temperature information in addition to high temperature Zervixschleim and a spike in cervical mucus. 

It is best to observe the cervical mucus at the entrance to the vagina several times a day, for example every time you need to go to the toilet, and pay attention to what you hear, feel and see. In the evening enter the highest quality in the app you observed during the day.

Forecasts are calculated based on previous cycles. It will get more and more accurate over time, but that's just a prediction. Before having unprotected sex, you should wait for the actual assessment of the current cycle.

Can i use the trackle contraceptive computer if i am breastfeeding?

During the period of breastfeeding, initially there is no cycle occurs or it takes some time for the first ovulation to take place again (depending on the release of the hormone prolactin). During this time you must assume that you are fertile.

But you can during this time trace Use to see when your period is returning to normal. 

For evaluation (and also for predictions for the next cycle), the trackle needs a full cycle (i.e. from the first day of menstruation to the first day of the next cycle with one of the trace measured and detected ovulation in the middle).

Can i use trackle as a contraceptive if i work shifts?

Basically, the trackle is all about wearing the sensor when you sleep. This means, the contraceptive computer trackle it is practical for shift work, because the time you sleep does not matter. Basically, a baseline can be determined as soon as you've slept for 4 hours. 

In theory, it can happen in individual cases that changing the time of day affects the measured value, but this is not the case for all women. In this case, you can enter a break for the day in the trackle app - this will exclude the value and will not take it into account for evaluation.

Can i use trackle immediately after stopping the pill?

After stopping hormonal contraceptives such as the pill, IUD or hormonal patch, your body needs time to "level out" again and this takes different times depending on the woman. You can still use the trackle contraceptive computer immediately after stopping to monitor your period.

For a reliable assessment (and also for predictions for the next cycle), however, the trackle needs a full cycle (i.e. from the first day of menstruation to the first day of the next menstruation with an ovulation measured and recognized by trackle in the middle. ). 

If you have bleeding after stopping (= withdrawal bleeding), you can enter this bleeding as your first period in the trackle app.

Can I use the trackle contraceptive computer if I have short or restless nights?

trace it is also practical for short or restless nights. A total of 4 hours of sleep per night are required Baseline value can be determined. Baseline is the lowest value measured at night, usually achieved during deep sleep. So it doesn't matter if you wake up in the middle.

If a value falls out of line, it can be marked as faulty and therefore excluded from the evaluation.

Can i use the trackle contraceptive computer during menopause?

The body changes during menopause. Due to the hormonal changes during menopause, the cycle can become very irregular. Even the probability of one cycle without ovulation it is significantly higher during this period.

the computer contraceptive trackle it can be useful, especially during menopause, to observe the change in cycle and ovulation. trackle evaluates your cycle using the symptothermal method, in other words, every day your data is used to check whether ovulation has already occurred or not. However, reliable contraception is only possible provided that ovulation does not occur too often and the cycles are not too long. But trackle knows this and also takes cycle length into account when showing the sterile period. Very important: trackle does not replace a visit to the doctor.

Can I also use trackle for contraception with PCOS?

the use of trackle can be especially useful for PCOS: Since trackle does not calculate on a calendar basis, but recalculates each day using your personal data and inputs, you can use trackle for all types of cycles, even very irregular ones. 

trackle helps you understand if ovulation has actually occurred or not. 

However, menstruation is a prerequisite, because without a registered bleeding, the trackle cannot cycle start or finish and therefore do not evaluate. 

You can also discuss Trackle's cycle recordings with your doctor to find out if you see any regularities. It is important that the computer contraceptive trackle it is not a substitute for a visit to the doctor, but only offers an additional possibility to trace the cycle.

Can i use trackle as a contraceptive if i have a thyroid disorder?

Thyroid hormones also have an influence on the hormones cycle. Therefore, untreated thyroid disease can lead to the influence of the menstrual cycle and failure to ovulate, for example. 

So, if you are not having a period due to a lack of thyroid hormones and you have never ovulated, then the trackle cannot be used.

To ask? Don't worry, contact our customer service at or +49 228 5341 4011 - we will be happy to answer your questions.

To ask?

Don't worry, contact our customer service at. We will be happy to answer your questions.