Cervical mucus Before & after menstruation

There is a lot to observe about cervical mucus during the cycle. Indeed, its appearance and consistency change depending on the phase in which you are. Cervical mucus is a great indicator to know if your period is about to arrive or if you are approaching your fertile days. That's why we explain here what your cervical mucus looks like before and after your period.

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  • Cervical mucus before menstruation

    Ton cycle starts with your period, so the first day of your cycle is always the first day of your period. That's why we have to look at the end of your cycle when it comes to cervical mucus before your period.

    Let us briefly examine the situation: If, after your ovulation and the end of your fertile window, there has been no fertilization, the built-up uterine lining is shed again - there is your period. During your fertile phase, around ovulation, the hormone estrogen causes your cervical mucus to be very fluid and stretchy. As your period approaches, the cervical mucus becomes cloudier and clumpier again or stops completely. Just before your period, you may even feel like the entrance to your vagina has dried up.

  • Cervical mucus after menstruation

    After menstruation is before ovulation. Right after you bleed, your body produces little cervical mucus, your vaginal entrance is often dry to the touch. Cervical mucus production continues to increase as your body prepares for ovulation. As the follicle grows, the appearance and consistency of your cervical mucus changes: it becomes more opaque, whitish or yellowish and is thick, creamy, lumpy, sticky or slimy and not stretchy.

    The closer you get to ovulation, the more the quality of your cervical mucus improves: it becomes clearer, more vitreous, more transparent. Sometimes after menstruation the cervical mucus has a slight yellow tint or contains white streaks, it is stretchy and feels slippery and slippery to the touch. The sperm cells feel particularly comfortable there.