Die Liebe in Zeiten der Pandemie

Love in times of pandemic

Liebe in Zeiten der Pandemie

In the startup world, 99% is about hipness, everything easy and smart solutions. In the eternal search for investors, multipliers and customers, success and ease usually sell better than blood, sweat and tears. And if you just have to be supergile, then women also have to look sexy and, above all, smile.

But I'll tell you something: If we have to let people go because of the corona pandemic and if those who are still there then have to take over the tasks of the others without further ado, then that's anything but supergile. These are shit decisions. When delivery times for electronic components and medical silicone from the USA extend the production deadlines indefinitely and when at the same time the painstakingly built sales channels threaten to be delisted, then the man's bun sometimes sits crooked on the chin and the smile is sometimes not as authentic as the breakfast connoisseurs say to the startup panels would like to have.

And the team goes home. They have children and families. They work from the home office. They keep every deadline. They call after the sales partners, from the car, from the bike and from the toilet. They tell each other every morning on the Daily Call how they are doing. They don't just do their job, they actively keep themselves happy. They hook themselves under each other and help each other.

And then the team stands and smiles weakly, but authentically.

And then I realize what supergile means. Supergile is not the absence of problems. Supergile is hands on, making things together. Supergile are the many hands and heads that keep our nut bowl afloat on the wild ocean, and those are also the ones that can't be there anymore. Supergile is being able to look them all in the eye and say, "Thank you, you did that, we did that!"

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