Getting pregnant - Tips

There are enough myths and absurd tips about getting pregnant. We know from our own experience that getting pregnant is not just easy and that the path through the labyrinth of myths does not exactly provide enlightenment - trackle dispels fables and promises and tells you what really helps.

Do you just get pregnant?

  • Tip 1: Watch your weight if you want to get pregnant!

    Being overweight or underweight can actually have a negative impact on your desire to become pregnant. The resulting hormonal changes can have a negative impact on your health cycle - too much or too little weight can also affect sperm production in your partner.

  • Tip 2: Do not use conventional lubricants!

    It has been scientifically proven that lubricants are sometimes harmful to sperm and often prevent them from reaching the fallopian tube. The reason for this is often lubricants whose pH value is too low. The pH value is crucial for the mobility of the sperm.

  • Tip 3: Avoid alcohol and cigarettes!

    IIf you are trying to fulfill your desire to have children, you should do something good for yourself and your body. This also includes abstaining from alcohol and nicotine. Both can have a negative impact on your fertility. You should also continue to avoid alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy!

  • Tip 4: Make sure you eat right when trying to get pregnant!

    A healthy diet is generally important when you are trying to get pregnant. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and healthy carbohydrates such as bread, rice, potatoes and pasta - whole grain products are especially recommended. Animal and vegetable protein and fish are also part of a healthy diet. If you eat fatty fish such as salmon or herring, however, you should not do so more than once a week. Dairy products such as cheese and yogurt are important for your calcium level.

  • Tip 5: Take care of your health!

    Make sure you live healthy. Get enough sleep, watch your weight, exercise - but don't overdo it - and avoid alcohol and nicotine. This also applies to your partner, by the way. Eat a balanced diet and avoid crash diets. Take care of yourself, you have big plans.

  • Tip 6: Getting pregnant should still be fun!

    Even if it doesn't sound like a tip at first: don't forget to have fun during sex. Trying to get pregnant can feel tedious and is a lot of work. Nevertheless, you should still enjoy the whole thing. Also: The chance of pregnancy is significantly increased by a wet vagina. The male sperm can thus advance much better.

  • In which position can I get pregnant faster?

    Some praise positions in which the sperm penetrates as deeply as possible - others advise against it. The fact is: there is no right position that makes it easier for you to get pregnant. Do what you feel comfortable with, it's worth a lot more than any contortions!

  • Am I more fertile if my bleeding is extremely long?

    On the contrary - sometimes a very heavy menstrual period indicates a menstrual cycle disorder that makes your desire to become pregnant more difficult. Talk to your gynecologist about your desire to get pregnant and your menstruation. Because if you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time, your extreme bleeding could be the reason for your unfulfilled desire to have children.

  • Does lying down after sex help you get pregnant?

    Squeeze your legs together and lie still so that you don't lose any sperm? That is nonsense! Scientifically, no increased number of pregnancies has been found when women lie down even longer. You can get up, take a shower and go to the bathroom - the latter is even helpful against bladder infections!

  • This is a very sensitive topic - and what you really don't need is advice, myths or stupid questions. What you really need is someone who tells you exactly when you are fertile - no more and no less.

    And it should also be fun. You don't want hormones (yet) - first understand what actually happens in your body and when.

    Right so far?

    Thentrackle can help you. trackle measures your core body temperature  at night and calculates your fertile time window. You can clearly see when ovulation has occurred in the current cycle  - and when it is expected to occur in the next cycle. You and your partner can adjust to this.

    The method is much more accurate than using ovulation test strips or measuring skin temperature - because both urine composition and ambient temperature can vary greatly. Your core body temperature is the ideal fertility indicator.

    Try it out!