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Zyklusberatung trackleTalk - trackle GmbH
Zyklusberatung trackleTalk - trackle GmbH

TrackleTalk cycle advice

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Would you like to discover your cycle and are not quite sure where to start? Would you like to learn more about natural family planning? At "symptothermal" you dont understand anything? You are wondering what exactly this"Cervical mucus"should be? You want to know when you can get pregnant and when you can't?

Then you are exactly right here! We offer you a Online cycle consultation: trackleTalk

Discover with trackleTalk the world of your cycle and learn how you can best observe it. We offer you an introduction to the physiological basics of your body, an insight into the hormonal world of your cycle and explain the basic rules of the symptothermal method to you. 

Of the trackleTalk consists of two talks: an introductory talk in which we explain the basics of the cycle & the symptothermal method and a follow-up talk after 6 weeks in which we clarify all open questions and look at your cycle together. 


This is how trackleTalk works

You can now select an appointment for the first trackleTalk conversation directly during the ordering process. After you have completed the ordering process, we will send you an order confirmation and the date for your first trackleTalk. One week before your trackleTalk conversation you will receive the link for the VideoCall by email. We then make the appointment for the follow-up conversation directly during the talk. If you cannot keep the appointment or want to postpone it, you can do so up to 24 hours before the appointment by sending us a message to 


Who do you talk to on trackleTalk?

Clara Wedel is a biochemist and has dealt intensively with the female cycle in the course of her studies and has taken various training courses on cycle and health. She is the author of the trackle e-books, in which you can find out everything about the cycle and the evaluation of trackle. With her background knowledge, she is a proven expert on menstrual cycles, NFP and female health. It was important for Clara to turn her love and enthusiasm for the female cycle and the symptothermal method into a profession - that is why she works as a product manager at trackle. For Clara it is all about helping other women to discover the world of the cycle and to be infected by the enthusiasm for their bodies. 
Clara knows from her own experience that fertility and the cycle are very sensitive issues. That is why it is very important to her to take enough time for each individual and to fully engage with you and your cycle.


Please note

We understand our trackleTalk advice as general cycle advice or cycle coaching, yet it cant be considered in any way as real medical advice. So we do not replace a visit to your doctor - but we will be happy to support you in finding a suitable contact point, if you want. You can find all further information on this in our terms and conditions. 

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