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FERTI·LILY conception support

FERTI·LILY conception support

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Product description

FERTI·LILY is a natural and hormone-free aid to support conception. It helps increase the chances of pregnancy without affecting intimacy and romance. Made from 100% high quality medical grade silicone, FERTI LILY offers a soft, comfortable and easy to use solution.

FERTI·LILY was developed in collaboration with experts in the field of conception research and a medical entrepreneur who has had personal experience with fertility problems.

Please note the enclosed instructions for use. FERTI·LILY does not guarantee conception, but simply increases the chance of pregnancy. Discover this high-quality medical product, which is manufactured with the greatest care in Switzerland, and support your desire to have children in a natural way.


The way FERTI·LILY works is based on a specially developed cervical cap made of soft silicone. It is inserted after sexual intercourse and remains in the vagina for 20 to 60 minutes. This directs the semen to the cervix and holds it there. This protects the sperm from the acidic conditions of the vagina and ensures that more sperm find their way to the cervix. A clinical study shows that using FERTI·LILY during the ovulation phase increases the chance of pregnancy by 48% within 3 months.
The contraceptive aid comes with a cotton bag for storage and can be used for up to six cycles. Cleaning is easy with warm water and the cap can also be boiled if necessary.

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  • 1 x FERTI LILY fertility aid (100% medical silicone)
  • 1 cotton bag for storage


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FERTI·LILY Erfahrung von unserer langjährigen Partnerin Sarah von "Babybauchblog"

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