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trackleCup: Menstrual Cup in 3 sizes

trackleCup: Menstrual Cup in 3 sizes

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Start your day with a coffee or tea from one of our themed mugs. After putting your trackle in the box in the morning, treat yourself to 250 ml of your favorite drink. Whether at home or in the office, these mugs are guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you enjoy your favorite hot drink. And, of course, they also make a wonderful gift!

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  • 1 x trackle coffee mug

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Ovaries of Steel

Balls of Steel? Whoever came up with this saying probably didn't know much about the female body: Because we women and people with a cycle are the ones who master everyday life fabulously - despite middle pain, pregnancy, PMS or periods, while many gentlemen of creation throw in the towel when it comes to men's flu ​😉

Nothing can stop you - because you have Ovaries of Steel

Ovary act

Sayings like “Don’t overreact” or “Don’t be so hysterical” sound familiar to you? The term hysteria comes from the ancient Greek word Histera, meaning womb. Hysteria was described as emotional outbursts in women and, for example, in the Middle Ages it was associated as a devilish possession. Today, women and people with a cycle are still not taken seriously when they become emotional.
We say: All feelings are okay and can come out! So listen to your gut feeling and ovary act !

Mind your own uterus

Do you often have to listen to opinions that you didn't even ask for? Make a statement with the Mind your own Uterus motif! Take it to heart and say if you don't like something.‌

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