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trackle Contraception Bundle

trackle Contraception Bundle

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Guide or diary - the choice is yours

  • Certified contraceptive
  • 100% natural & hormone-free
  • 30 month guarantee on the sensor function
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Do you want to use natural contraception ? Then we have the perfect equipment for you: Our contraceptive bundle offers you all the products that will optimally accompany you on your journey to hormone-free contraception.

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1x trackle sensor : With trackle you can precisely and reliably determine which days in your cycle you are fertile and which days you are not - so you can use hormone-free contraception by also using a condom on fertile days. You can choose between the trackleRegular or trackleCatch sensor models (with return tape).

Stop the pill once Guide : Do you want to use natural contraception but haven't stopped taking the pill yet? No problem, because in our e-book we show you how to stop taking the pill correctly, what you should pay attention to and what you can prepare for.

1x cervical mucus course : Correctly determining your cervical mucus is important because the quality of the cervical mucus is one of two fertility indicators when using trackle. In this course you will find out how you can determine your cervical mucus quality and how it can help you use hormone-free contraception.

1x condom pack : Contraception with trackle means avoiding artificial hormones - but not sex during your fertile phase. On your fertile days you can use additional contraception, the most common choice being a condom. Our condom pack contains 7 individually wrapped condoms made of natural rubber latex: vegan, hormone-free and made without chemicals.

  • Free use of the trackle app - no hidden costs
  • Free onboarding course

Returns, guarantee and right of withdrawal

  • 14-day return policy for sensors and condoms
  • 2.5 year guarantee on the sensor function
  • The right of withdrawal for the digital products expires upon delivery of the digital products
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That’s what makes trackle special

  • Developed by a woman

  • Certified contraceptive

  • Made in Germany

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trackle sensor system

With the trackle you can determine precisely and reliably which days in your cycle you are fertile - and which days you are not. What you do with this information is entirely your decision: With the trackle you can use hormone-free contraception , by using a hormone-free contraceptive, such as a condom , on your fertile days.

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trackle cervical mucus course

Determining your cervical mucus is important because the quality of cervical mucus is an indicator of fertility. But how exactly do you determine cervical mucus? What does he look like during the fertile period? How can you determine its quality yourself? How is it different from discharge? And can determining cervical mucus help you with your desire to have children and contraception?

In this course we will answer all your questions.

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Unicorn condoms

Contraception with trackle means using an additional contraceptive on your fertile days. Many of our customers then also use condoms for contraception.

That's why we have the practical trackle condom subscription: a bag with seven condoms is delivered to your home every month, without any thought, planning or organization. Super easy, safe and practical - and one less item on the to-do list.

One bag contains:

  • 7 condoms individually wrapped (14 grams)
  • 54mm nominal width (standard size)
  • Bell-shaped (slightly more spacious around the glans), with reservoir and lubricant coating for sensation-intensive sex
  • Odorless and natural colored
  • 100% natural rubber latex, vegan, hormone-free, made without chemicals
  • 100% electronically tested under German safety standards
  • Condoms last 3 to 4 years
  • Shipped in discreet packaging
  • 1 instruction manual
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Stopping the pill guide

Are you thinking about stopping the pill soon, but you're not quite sure whether now is the right time?

Are you still missing information about alternative contraceptives? Are you unsure about what exactly will happen to you after you stop taking the pill?

Maybe you have already stopped taking the pill and now want to support your body in the best possible way?

In any case, you've come to the right place!

In this e-book we will show you how to stop taking the pill correctly, what you should pay attention to and what you can prepare for.

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Ich natürlich glücklich - Tagebuch

Das Absetzen eines hormonellen Verhütungsmittels ist eine aufregende Angelegenheit! Oft tauchen in dieser Zeit eine Menge Fragen, ganz neue Emotionen und Verunsicherungen auf und neue, noch unbekannte Körpervorgänge wollen eingeordnet werden. 

Eine 12-Wochen-Reise zu Dir selbst

“Ich - natürlich glücklich” begleitet Dich 12 Wochen lang in Form eines klassischen Tagebuches auf diesem Weg und enthält außerdem eine Menge zusätzliche, fundierte und unterhaltsame Informationen rund um den Zyklus, die Pille und Möglichkeiten der hormonfreien Verhütung. Es bietet Dir viel Platz zum Festhalten Deiner Eindrücke und Gefühle, versorgt Dich mit hilfreichen Tipps und motivierenden Zitaten. Eine tolle Möglichkeit, diese ganz besondere Lebensphase zu dokumentieren!

Ganz nebenbei lernst Du jede Menge Fakten rund um Deinen Körper und das Zyklusgeschehen - super hilfreich für alle, die sich mit diesem Thema länger nicht mehr auseinander gesetzt haben und sich nun auf die Reise zur hormonfreien Verhütung machen. 

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Medical device

The trackle sensor system is a medical product and meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC and the Medical Devices Act (Medical Devices Act - MPG). It meets the criteria according to Article 120 MDR.

When using trackle, please note our instructions for use included with your sensor!


1. What is the difference between trackleCatch and trackleRegular?

The difference between our trackleCatch and trackleRegular is that in our trackleCatch there is a small hole in the recessed grip to which a retrieval strap can be attached to easily remove the sensor like a tampon. Many new customers therefore choose the trackleCatch.

The trackleRegular does not have this hole and can be gripped and removed using two fingers on the recessed grip. With a little practice this isn't a problem. The trackleCatch can of course also be used without a retrieval strap .

2. I have just stopped taking the pill / IUD / hormonal patch. When can I use trackle?

After stopping hormonal contraceptives, your body needs time to “adjust” again and this takes different amounts of time depending on the woman. You can use trackle immediately after discontinuing it. If you have bleeding after stopping (= withdrawal bleeding), you can enter this bleeding as your first menstruation in the trackle app to start your first trackle cycle.

trackle will then assume fertility until ovulation can be detected according to the rules of the symptothermal method (consisting of a high temperature and cervical mucus peak ).

We therefore recommend that you wear your sensor from the 5th day after your period starts and monitor and record your cervical mucus every day.

If you have any questions about stopping the pill or need support, please take a look at our stopping the pill guide .

3. When does trackle's evaluation become reliable? How long does it take to get used to it? Does trackle have to level off? Press

trackle is reliable from the first cycle because trackle does not evaluate the cycle based on past data or forecasts, but rather based on your current data, i.e. your core body temperature and your cervical mucus entries. These always show whether you have already ovulated or not. Trackle does not have to “settle down” and does not require any time to get used to it.

trackle evaluates your cycle using the symptothermal method. Of course, there must be enough data from the respective cycle for an evaluation. Here you can find out more about how trackle evaluates.

4. Can I also wear trackle during my period?

Theoretically, you can wear the sensor during your period , but you don't have to. The first day of your period marks the first day of your cycle.

We recommend using the trackle from the 5th day of your cycle in order to achieve enough measurements for an evaluation - this way you can also comfortably wear a cup or tampon during your period! If you want to wear the trackle during your menstruation, you can only do so in combination with a pad or period underwear .

5. When and how does trackle evaluate ovulation?

trackle evaluates using the symptothermal method (STM). Each day is initially viewed as potentially fertile - unless a day can be declared as infertile according to the STM rules.

As you may already know, two of your body signs change reliably and scientifically - namely the cervical mucus and the core body temperature:
The hormone estrogen causes the consistency of your cervical mucus to change visibly as ovulation approaches.

After ovulation, the hormone progesterone is released, which ensures that the body's core temperature rises by at least 0.2 °C. These two independent body signs make it possible to determine when the fertile phase is over - namely when ovulation has occurred. STM takes advantage of these scientific findings and ovulation has occurred when the following two conditions are met:

1. A cervical mucus peak has occurred

2. An increase in temperature has occurred

To evaluate your cycle and release the infertile phase, trackle requires your core body temperature data, which the trackle sensor measures overnight, as well as your cervical mucus information, which you enter in the trackle app. If one of the two pieces of information is missing, trackle cannot (yet) reveal ovulation and therefore no subsequent infertile phase.

If you have any questions about cervical mucus evaluation or need support, please take a look at our cervical mucus course .

6. Does the trackle evaluation also take into account the survival of sperm over several days?

You can only get pregnant for up to 7 days in a cycle: These 7 days include both ovulation itself, during which the egg can be fertilized for approx. 12-18 hours, and the days before, because sperm can contain up to Survive in the body for 5 days.

trackle reliably recognizes these days (as well as the infertile days) according to the rules of the symptothermal method and marks them in your app. The STM has been researched in several studies and is very reliable - it has a Pearl Index of 0.4 in method reliability (when used “perfectly”). With the symptothermal method, the core body temperature and cervical mucus are evaluated. This provides “double control” so that fertile and infertile days can be distinguished very precisely.

Please take a look here if you would like to learn more about the rules of the symptothermal method.

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