• After decades of nothing happening in terms of cycle tracking, natural family planning - in general in the field of female health products - a real trend has emerged in recent years. Thanks to better technical possibilities, but also due to the increased interest of consumers in this type of product and some courageous manufacturers*, there is now a large selection of various possibilities with your own body and cycle deal and recognize when, for example, the ovulation takes place.

  • We are incredibly happy that we are not alone with the idea of knowing and understanding our own body, because anyone who knows trackle knows that for us information and self-determination are inseparable. Knowledge empowers us, knowledge makes us independent. Getting the processes in the female body out of the taboo zone was long overdue.

    Part of that, we think, is knowing what you're letting yourself in for.

    For all of you who are in the confusion of the different options for cycle tracking lost a bit of the overview, here is a small overview of the variants that you can find on the market at the moment.

  • Pure cycle apps

    By assuming that female cycles function similarly on average (comparable length, ovulation roughly in the middle), they can provide clues to the course of the cycle. To do this, they usually use a mixture of statistical values and the previous cycles. The time of ovulation can be quite different from woman to woman, but also from cycle to cycle, so that a purely statistical evaluation can be too imprecise

  • Devices that help in the application of the temperature method

    Digital technology also makes the classic temperature method, ie measuring the body temperature in the morning after getting up, easier. While most women who use the classic temperature method used to have to evaluate their cycles by hand after the measurement, some providers now support their customers with smart thermometers. These can usually be coupled with an app or another reading device and help to evaluate the temperature curves or take over them entirely.

  • cycle computer

    In order to make the application easy and the evaluation as accurate as possible, some manufacturers have developed their own devices, the women at the cycle control support. This goes beyond just recording body temperature and includes other parameters - things such as pulse rate, skin tension, breathing air, etc. can also play a role here.

  • trackle belongs to the last category, so it is a separate device that measures body temperature and evaluates the cycle. Because we at the parameters after which trackle evaluates, wanted to offer the greatest possible security, trackle relies on a method that has been around for a very long time and is well researched: the Sympothermal Method.

    This means: trackle uses body CORE temperature and not surface temperature, which can be subject to large fluctuations.

  • In addition, trackle uses at least one other parameter to determine fertility according to the rules of the symptothermal method, namely the Zervixschleim. This means that ovulation detection is doubly secured. Records the basal value the sensor simply during the sleep phase and transmits it to the app after getting up, so that the error-prone, selective measurement in the morning at the same time is no longer necessary.

    This means: The evaluations of the trackle system are particularly precise and exact - and the application is very easy because the data transmission works wirelessly.